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  • Coq10 might improve exercise tolerance in angina.
  • Co-Enzyme Q10 decreases the risk of heart problems in people with recent myocardial infarction
  • Co-Enzyme Q10 is good for blood vessel complications caused by coronary bypass surgery.
  • Co-Enzyme Q 10 is suitable for Hypertension management: Combining Coq10 with other antihypertensive agents may decrease the antihypertensive dose as it can enhance the effects of antihypertensive medications.
  • Taking Coq10 orally may lower systolic blood pressure by about 25% after ten weeks of therapy in some people. 6. The Role of Coq10 in Female Fertility: As women age, their ability to get pregnant decreases because of poor egg formation and egg quality also drops. CoQ10 levels decline to start at age 21 and can settle with ageing: women may need to supplement with Coenzyme Q10 to support fertility. CoQ10 plays a vital role in producing the energy required by egg cells and may support their normal functions.
  • The Role of Coq10 in Male Fertility: Coq10 treatment can improve the movement and density of sperm in men with certain types of infertility. Stress, sun exposure, and smoking can cause your body to make reactive oxygen species (ROS) molecules. While the term ROS may be unfamiliar to you, you have likely heard people talking about “free radical damage”. Antioxidants can help protect your cells from ROS damage, and taking antioxidants has been associated with increased sperm cell count and motility. Coq10 is a powerful antioxidant that can help neutralize excess ROS. Therefore. Vestige Coenzyme q 10 may be necessary to support a healthy sex life.
  • Improving the immune system of people with HIV/AIDS: Coq10 is used to strengthen the immune system of people with HIV/AIDS.
  • Preventing migraine headaches (prevention): Oral Vestige Coenzyme Q10 capsules help prevent migraine headaches. It can decrease the frequency of headaches by about 36 %. However, Coq10 does not seem effective in treating migraine once it has developed.
  • Lower levels of Coq10 have been observed in people with Parkinson’s disease. Increasing Coq10 may increase the level of dopamine, which is thought to be lower in people with Parkinson’s disease. It has also been suggested that CoQ10 might protect brain cells from damage by free radicals. Statins ause muscle pain. Oral Co010 might reduce this pain.
  • Statins-induced myopathy, Statins sometimes cause muscle pain. Oral CoQ10 might reduce this pain.
  • It increases a healthy life span, its lower dose of reducing oxidation and DNA double-strand breaks, and a combination of a diet rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and Vestige Coenzyme Q10 supplementation leads to a longer life span in rats.
  • Muscular dystrophy: Oral Co Enzyme Q10 seems to improve physical performance in this inherited disorder.
  • Cancer: Coq10 is being investigated as a treatment for cancer and relief from cancer treatment side-effect. Co010 is critical in protecting cell DNA and survival, linked to cancer prevention and recurrence.
  • CoQ10 can reduce oxidative damage and inflammation resulting in lung diseases.
  • CoQ10 has been shown to protect brain cells from oxidative damage and reduce the action of harmful compounds that can lead to brain disease.
  • CoQ10 can increase insulin sensitivity and improve blood sugar levels.
  • CoQ10 can reduce sun damage and increase antioxidant protection when applied directly to the skin. Co-Enzyme q 10 Supplement may also help decrease the risk of skin cancer.

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