Active Odo Care Deodorant Spray 100ml


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  • Preferred by wide range of customers
  • Easy to use
  • Ayurvedic solution
  • Help get rid of odor from foot and armpit
  • No side effects
  • Problem of bad smell (odor) from foot and armpit is due to a type of fungal effect. Solution of these problem are not enough in the market. So, by the research and mixture of many herbs we come to produce Odo care and deodorant spray which help to get rid of from these type of problems. While it is produced as with the ingredients- gulab patti, sea salt, neem, alum, borax, formalin, mix herbal powder. This is the first Nepali ayurvedic solution
  • Direction for use:-
  • Spray shoes and socks before use it.
  • Users who are suffered from long duration must spray shoes and socks after and before using it.
  • Use the spray in your armpit to remove odor.
  • Continuous use of Odo care remove the odor without any side effect

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